How to stake

You delegate your NYM using the official NYM wallet. Make sure you buy native NYM which are currently only available on Kraken and not the ERC20 token!


Article: How to delegate your NYM to a mixnode




Step 1: Buy native NYM on Kraken

Step 2: Install the official Wallet (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Step 3: Send the NYM to your own wallet

Step 4: In the wallet choose "Delegate"

Step 5: Enter Mixnode Identity "38zcSsvjXsAX7C28ko2H3Lt55X4TYxfZYkPADxKXZHUj", amount to delegate and klick "Delegate stake"

Step 5: You can check the accumulated rewards by entering your wallet's address here

Enter your address in the search bar, hit enter and see you claimable rewards: