How to stake

Delegating to an Oxen service node is different from delegating to e.g. a stakepool on Cardano. For a service node to become active on the network it takes exactly 15.000 $OXEN to be delegated to that node. Out of this amount the provider (Hermes Stakepool) has to pledge at least 3.750 $OXEN which leaves 11.250 $OXEN to be delegated by the community.


However the delegators AND the amount delegated by each user needs to be registered when deploying a new node. This makes it necessary that interested delegators register themselves through a Google form. Please be aware we are not asking for any personal information from you. The only information we need from you is:


1. Your Oxen wallet address you will delegate from

2. The exact amount you are planning to delegate

3. An e-mail address where we can reach out to you once the node is deployed and share the service node’s public key with you