After several years in the crypto space and supporting various projects by running crucial infrastructure we dipped our toes into the Cardano staking ecosystem during the Incentivised Testnet (ITN). A couple of months later Hermespool, with our two stakepools Hermes (#HRMS) and Hermina (#HRMA) has grown into the largest and most successful stakepool in Germany and the broader german speaking territories. But this was only the beginning...


With the launch of the Shelley mainnet we teamed up with Cardanians to continue offering staking services to our users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 "Say  hello to Hermes Stakepool - nice to meet you"


Besides running a stakepool we set our focus on educating users in the crypto space about the fundamental and more advanced options within the crypto space through our tutorials and how-to videos.


Matthias aka. Wunderbaer