How to stake

You delegate your WAN using the official WAN wallet. Here is a simple step by step guide how it's done

Step 1: Buy WAN on one of the supports exchanges

Step 2: Install your favorite wallet from the Download section

Step 3: Fund your wallet with the newly purchased WAN

Step 4: In the wallet choose "Galaxy PoS" -> "Delegation"

Step 5: Click "New delegation" and select "HermesStakepool"or its address "0x31CEd984A5881fdB7471339c7BC6FEBE62BdEc8b"

Step 6: Choose the wallet/address you are delegating from and the amount to delegate. Then hit "Next" and confirm the delegation.

Step 7: Confirm the transaction in the next screen

That's it, your are done! You can always check your delegation in the delegation center, top up more WAN or exit the staking. Not it will take approx. 3 days for your staking to end.